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  • Michael

Kid Stuff

I love kids. Kids get me. Under the hat, bow tie and wing - tip Doc Martens beats the heart of a pretty silly kid. My connection with kids is genetic. My father attracted kids everywhere he went. We couldn’t go to the bank, church, store or work without kids flocking to him. It is a gift. I’m proud to say it has been a key to my career. I’m even more proud to see my son following in the family footsteps.

I chose to share this portrait because it's a reminder of who is in charge during a portrait session. Kids will bring a sense of wonder and joy with just a dash of stubbornness. These sisters traded back and forth with who would be happy in each picture. After a while I saw the beauty in what was happening.

I have hade the chance to photograph these girls and their family as they have grown. What a blessing to have families who continue to invite me to be a part of their story.

What story will we tell in your family portrait?

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